The Fitness App You Need If You Can't Afford a Trainer

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Lean and Mean Bodyweight Routine

Personal trainers are great. They teach us how to properly use equipment at the gym (so that's how the assisted pull-up machine works), plan challenging workouts, and patiently answer our burning fitness questions (Are cheat days really B.S.?). They also cost a pretty penny. Sure, forking over serious moolah motivates us to show up at the gym every day. But we also know there are plenty of cheap, effective ways to stay fit.

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That's why we partnered with Change Collective to create the Lean and Mean Bodyweight Routine, a three-week course designed to help make exercising a life-long habit. The workouts are broken into 15-minute videos and don't require any equipment, so you can do them basically anywhere. Routines start with simpler moves (lunges, planks, and high knees) before progressing to more advanced stuff (mountain climbers and raised glute bridges). You'll definitely feel sore after a few days, so the course includes two rest days every week.

When you sign up, you're assigned a personal coach (there's really another person on the other end of the line, not a robot). Tell him or her what time of day you like to exercise, and you'll get a text reminder with your daily workout. Plus, your coach will keep track of your progress and offer personalized suggestions.

Beyond staying motivated and picking up new moves, you'll also learn about major fitness topics, from injury prevention to high-intensity training, thanks to a post-workout article or video from our CEO and founder, Derek Flanzraich.

So what are you waiting for? You can download Lean and Mean Bodyweight Routine by clicking the button below.

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